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The Journey that leads to Destiny: Our goal is to equip young women with the knowledge and understanding of choices. Being aware that the choices you make from day to day ultimately affects your future in every aspect.  

Research shows that girls and boys start out their lives on fairly even footing; if anything girls do better socially, academically, and emotionally in the early years. And yet...

  • By age 11 girls consistently report lower levels of self-esteem, happiness, and satisfaction with their lives.
  • Research suggests a strong link between low self-esteem, unhappiness or depression and participation in activities that can put young people, and especially young girls, at risk. This includes involvement in alcohol and drug use and abuse, smoking and early sexual activity.

Filled with media images of impossibly thin, airbrushed, and sexualized young women, girls today are constantly given the message that they don't measure up. There are certainly more opportunities available to girls today, but the pressures and negative reinforcement they face can stifle enthusiasm, esteem, and judgment; often with negative consequences.

Daughters of Destiny is committed to  developing  strong, resilient girls allowing  them to explore, create, experiment, grow, achieve, and use their voices in a safe, positive and encouraging environment. The program also encourages   girls to be empowered while encouraging them to think critically;  interpret, decipher, resist and ultimately to change the messages that are all around them.

As a result, Sisters4Sisters aspired to build healthy self-esteem, critical thinking and leadership skills in girls by engaging them in subjects like science and math, sports/ physical activity, and financial and media literacy. Daughters of Destiny provides young ladies with compassionate support and mentoring.  The program helps girls and tweens on the journey to healthy self-discovery along with confidence building tools to equip our daughters towards making sound and wise choices for the journey ahead

Daughters of Destiny Inc, team of professionals will host programs specifically geared for young ladies ages 9-17.

These programs are designed to foster that defining moment; our focus is to promote high self esteem, positive attitude, problem solving, health and hygiene, overcome peer pressure, and other issues that affect young ladies.

Our program incorporate various styles of individual and group learning such as seminars on Understanding Your Purpose The Journey that Leads to Destiny and More

Each workshop will address financial literacy and obesity awareness through activities which support our mission to educate and empower in the areas of Financial Literacy and  Adoslescent Health and Wellness .



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